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QuantumComputing Philippines is now OneQuantum Philippines, a chapter of the global OneQuantum organization, a community about quantum technology.

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Computing State Vector of Probability Distributions

In this article, we will show how we can derive a generic circuit for probability distribution functions. Let a quantum system be described by the state

In Probability, Distributions, May 15, 2022

Programming the Shor's Algorithm to Crack the RSA Cryptography

In the previous post, we showed Shor’s Algorithm, the theory behind cracking of the RSA using Quantum Computing. In this post, we will show how to program the algorithm using QISKit i...

In Cryptography, Oct 28, 2019

Constructing the Quantum Fourier Circuit

From the previous post, we have seen the theory on how the Quantum Fourier Transform is used to crack the RSA. In order to utilize the QFT, we need to implement a circuit for it. In o...

In Cryptography, Oct 28, 2019

Introducing the Variational Quantum Eigensolver

In the previous blogs, we have learned how to map the max-cut and the Traveling Salesman Problem to the Ising Model. We also solved the problems by computing the eigenvalues of the Ha...

In Optimization, Aug 14, 2019

Traveling Salesman and Quantum Computing

A pre-sales person is covering a lot of cities and would like to travel to each city once and finally back to the originating city in such a way as to minimize the cost of fuel given ...

In Optimization, Jul 30, 2019

I Sing Quantum Computing

I have always been fascinated by computing. Thanks to my friends Ernesto Adorio (♱) and Augusto Hermosilla, both of whom are mathematicians, who introduced me to optimization. Ernie a...

In Optimization, Jul 21, 2019

Programming the Quantum Search

In the last post (Quantum Searching), we saw how quantum search works even without a quantum computer. In this post, we will see how to program the search using the IBM QISKit.

In Programming, Feb 24, 2019

Quantum Computing: Programming the Quantum Dice

The power of quantum computing comes from the superposition of states which allows us to do computation in parallel. From an input of 1 qubit, we can do parallel computation of 2 inte...

In Programming, Jan 12, 2019

Think of a number: How to Program a Quantum Computer

I have always loved figuring out the unknowns. That’s why when I was a child, I love “think of a number” games.

In Programming, Dec 21, 2018

Quantum Computing and Elliptic Curve Cryptography

In the last post, we have learned what an elliptic curve is, how it is used in cryptography and we saw an example of how Alice can encrypt her message to Bob using Bob’s public key an...

In Cryptography, Feb 27, 2018