Workshop on Quantum Computing (Algorithms and Programming)

(A Satellite Workshop of PCSC 2024)
Adventist University of the Philippines, Silang Cavite
12 May 2024

This workshop intends to introduce the computing community in the country to Quantum Computing. The main goal of the workshop is to put together in one venue individuals who are working on, interested in, and curious about quantum computing, it’s power to solves interesting problems and its limitations. We hope to provide a friendly atmosphere during the workshop for individuals or group of individuals to share their output and experiences working on quantum computing. This maiden workshop aims to prepare participants in understanding and appreciation of the power of quantum computing through a short tutorial on quantum algorithm and programming.


Submission of Abstracts:

Topics (but not limited to):

Quantum algorithms, quantum annealing, quantum communications, quantum cryptography, quantum decoherence, quantum error correction, quantum programming, quantum sensing, quantum simulations, post quantum cryptography

Keynote Speaker

Lattice Cryptography: Theory, Applications, and Standardization Efforts

David Earl Robles

This presentation provides a mathematical introduction to lattice cryptography, exploring its theoretical underpinnings, practical applications, and ongoing standardization initiatives. Lattice cryptography stands as a bedrock for many next- generation post-quantum cryptographic protocols, as evidenced by the recent draft documents published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in November 2023. These drafts emphasize the critical role of lattice-based cryptography in shaping future security landscapes, potentially replacing current Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The presentation will begin with a discussion of the theoretical foundations of lattice cryptography, explaining its mathematical structures and the underlying hardness assumptions that underpin its security guarantees. It will then delve into prominent applications of lattice cryptography in key encapsulation mechanisms (KEMs), digital signature schemes, and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) schemes. These building blocks provide essential functionalities for the post-quantum era, encompassing secure communication, verifiable data integrity, efficient key management, and controlled data access with privacy preservation.

Program Committee

Jeffrey Aborot    Advanced Science, and Technology Institute - DOST
Henry Adorna    University of the Philippines Diliman (co-Chair)
Richard Bryann Chua    University of the Philippines Manila
Bobby Corpus    One Quantum PH (co-Chair)
Eric Galapon    National Institute of Physics
Lucky Galvez    Institute of Mathematics, UPDiliman
Dylan Josh Lopez    Chung Yuan Christian University
Elmer Peramo    Advanced Science, and Technology Institute - DOST
Jacqui Romero    The University of Queensland


We invite everyone who have been working on quantum computing to submit an Extended Abstract of their work with at most three (3) pages long. The Extended Abstract must contain (a) the problem you intend to consider/solve in your work; (b) quantum computing technique you used in solving the problem; (c) the results of your computation/simulations, and (d) finally your conclusion. Please use the following template for the Extended Abstract, which can be obtained from here.

We invite submissions of works-in-progress, interactive / simulation demos, and position papers that contribute to the advancement of Quantum Information, Communication, and Technology (QICT) research in the Philippines.


Accepted papers will be included in the workshop proceedings, which will be announced soon.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline     May 6, 2024 (Monday)
Notification of Acceptance     May 10, 2024 (Friday)
Workshop Date     May 12, 2024 (Sunday)

Submission Portal:

Registrations: (payment can be paid on site or via GCash)

Authors and Regular Workshop Participants

Registered Participants of PCSC 2024
   (show PCSC2024 registration fee receipt)   1,000.00 PhP
Not Registered Participants of PCSC 2024
   Authors and Regular Workshop Participants   2,000.00 PhP

Please register via

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held at Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), Silang Cavite as part of the Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC), the premier annual computing conference in the Philippines. AUP is about 18 minutes ride by car/public transport from DLSU Laguna Campus, in the direction towards Tagaytay City.

Tentative Program

08:00    Registration and Welcome Soy Coffee
08:30    Opening and Welcome Remarks
08:45    Soy Coffee Break
09:00    Workshop Activities: Quantum Algorithms and Programming     Tutorials
    Jeffrey Aborot and Bobby Corpus
12:00    Lunch Break
13:00    Keynote: Lattice Cryptography: Theory, Applications, and     Standardization Efforts
    Earl Robles, InfineonTechnologies, AG
14:00    Invited Talk: Survey on recent code-based cryptosystems.
    Lucky Galvez, Institute of Mathematics, UPDiliman
14:45    Soy Coffee Break
15:00-16:00    Paper Presentations
15:00    Some Recent Advances in Finding Quantum Algorithms for     Lattice Problems
    Richard Bryann Chua, UPManila
15:15    Simulating Quantum Algorithms for Indoor Localization
    Marc Pontiveros, UPDiliman
15:30    Concurrent Quantum Circuit Simulation with Decision Diagrams     Leveraging High-Performance Computing: Benchmarking     Analysis
    Jul Jon General, DOST-ASTI & UPDiliman
15:45    Transforming Crop Optimization with Quantum Computing: An     Application of Variational Quantum Eigensolver Algorithm and     Classical Machine Learning in Agriculture
    Bernardino Buenaobra, Del Monte Philippines Inc. Plantation
16:00    Soy Coffee Break + First Quantum Meeting
16:40    Closing Ceremonies
17:00    End of Workshop

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