Cebu City to Host the Country's First Quantum Computing Hackathon

Bobby Corpus Bobby Corpus Follow Nov 13, 2023 · 1 min read
Cebu City to Host the Country's First Quantum Computing Hackathon
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Cebu City, Philippines – In a groundbreaking development, Cebu City is set to host the country’s first-ever quantum computing hackathon on November 20, 2023. This pioneering event, supported by the local government of Cebu, marks a significant milestone in the nation’s technological advancement and educational outreach in the field of quantum computing.

The hackathon, scheduled to take place at the Cebu Institute of Technology, is a collaborative effort involving some of the most prestigious educational institutions and organizations in the region. Participating teams comprise students and educators from the Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu), University of San Carlos (USC), and University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R).

This event is not just a competition but a celebration of innovation and learning. Organizers, including CIT-U, USC, the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), and IBM Quantum, have emphasized that the day will be filled with fun and engaging activities, fostering a lively and collaborative environment for all participants.

In addition to the hackathon, the event will feature insightful presentations from key figures in the quantum computing field. Nardo Manaloto, Managing Partner of Qubits Ventures, will delve into the “Quantum Ecosystem and Investment Opportunities,” shedding light on the burgeoning prospects in this cutting-edge technology sector. Brian Siegelwax from OneQuantum will discuss “The Current State of Quantum,” providing attendees with an overview of the latest developments and trends. Furthermore, Jeff Aborot, the project lead for the Quantum Computing Simulator project at ASTI, will share insights into their groundbreaking work.

The local government’s support for this event underscores Cebu City’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and education. By bringing together bright minds from various academic institutions and industry leaders, the hackathon aims to spark interest and knowledge in quantum computing, a field that promises to revolutionize the way we solve complex problems.

As the first event of its kind in the country, the quantum computing hackathon in Cebu City is poised to be a landmark event, not only for the participants and partners involved but also for the broader scientific and technological community in the Philippines.

Bobby Corpus
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Bobby is President of OneQuantum Philippines, a local chapter of OneQuantum global community. He is a Technical Architect at Section6, New Zealand and was the Innovation Lead at the Enterprise Data Office at Globe Telecoms. He was a Solution Architect at Red Hat and a Vice President and Lead Solution architect in Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore. His interest in Quantum Computing comes from his training in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science.