OneQuantum Philippines Gets A Seat in the Philippine Quantum Technology Board

Bobby Corpus Bobby Corpus Follow Jan 06, 2023 · 1 min read
OneQuantum Philippines Gets A Seat in the Philippine Quantum Technology Board
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OneQuantum Philippines is proud to announce that our president, Bobby Corpus Jr., has been appointed as one of the six members of the newly established Quantum Technology Board.

The Quantum Technology Board has a crucial mission: to devise a strategy that complements the existing mandates of various government agencies, discuss the strategic orientation and activities of the Quantum Technology program, enhance the relevance and impact of Quantum Technology, and facilitate the utilization of its outputs and derivatives. This strategy is fundamental to advancing the role of quantum technology in the country’s future and ensuring that its benefits reach all sectors.

As a board member, Mr. Corpus Jr. will bring to the table his wealth of experience and expertise in the field of quantum technology. His role at OneQuantum PH has given him a unique perspective on both the challenges and the vast potential of quantum technology in the Philippines.

We are excited to take part in shaping the country’s direction in terms of quantum technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to contribute to the nation’s technological advancement and establish the Philippines as a leader in the quantum technology sphere.

The appointment of Mr. Corpus to the Quantum Technology Board is not just an individual honor but a recognition of the important work being done by OneQuantum PH. We are excited about the opportunities this appointment brings and are committed to continuing our work in propelling the country’s quantum technology sector forward.

We look forward to the valuable contributions Mr. Corpus Jr. will make to the Quantum Technology Board and the innovative directions that the board will pursue in the future.

Bobby Corpus
Written by Bobby Corpus Follow
Bobby is President of OneQuantum Philippines, a local chapter of OneQuantum global community. He is a Technical Architect at Section6, New Zealand and was the Innovation Lead at the Enterprise Data Office at Globe Telecoms. He was a Solution Architect at Red Hat and a Vice President and Lead Solution architect in Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore. His interest in Quantum Computing comes from his training in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science.